I will gladly perform any kind of restoration, editing, or manipulation you need on your photos. I take old photos and remove rips and stains, give it a little more contrast and bring out more detail so the picture is more like when it was first taken. My scans are very high quality, so you can get the image printed larger than the source photo if you wish. I also take recent photos and improve them, from drastic changes like backgrounds and people taken out, to simple edits like removing blemishes or fly-away hairs in pictures. My fee for these services ranges from $10 to $30 per photo depending on what you would like done, and the more photos you want done, the larger discount you will receive. Simply email me at KatherinesKreations@live.com with photos of the photos and detail what you'd like done and I will send you a quote.

(916) 215-9074 KatherinesKreations@live.com

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